What it’s like for husband Dave Franco to direct Alison Brie’s sex scenes, she says.

It’s all business once Dave Franco and Alison Brie’s arrive on set.

In her latest film, “Somebody I Used to Know,” the actress discussed what it’s like to have her husband direct her sex scenes with Jay Ellis.

For Brie and Franco,Alison Brie’s it’s just another day at the office, whereas for many couples, the idea of seeing your partner get intimate with another person is their idea of hell.

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She stated to Jezebel, “I realize that it sounds wild, but we are actors, and this is our job.” Actually, it’s not all that weird. And when we’re working on something like this, which is our joint creation, I believe the movie is always our top priority.

Alison Brie’s Is the scene pleasing to the eye? We do not want my romantic scenes with Jay Ellis, my co-star, to be awkward or strange.

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