Berlin: Kino Lorber Bringing Italian To Crime Trilogy ‘Diabolik’ to U.S.

Diabolik, Diabolik – Ginko Attacks!, a stylish Italian crime trilogy, has been acquired by Kino Lorber in the United States. likewise Diabolik: Who Are You? based on the well-known Italian comic book with the same name.

Diabolik, a master thief who is infallible and ruthless, is the protagonist of the series. Marco and Antonio Manetti, brothers from Italy, are in charge of all three films (Love and Bullets). Luca Marinelli, who starred in The Old Guard and The Eight Mountains, plays Diabolik in the first movie, which came out in 2021. In the 2022 sequel Diabolik – Ginko Attacks!, Italian-Canadian actor Giacomo Gianniotti (Grey’s Anatomy) plays the master thief. The European ensemble cast includes Monica Bellucci (The Matrix, The Apartment), Eva Kant (The Invisible Witness), and Valerio Mastandrea (Perfect Strangers). Who Are You, Diabolik? is in post-production at the moment.

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More from Berlin’s Hidden Gem from The Hollywood Reporter: Cornerstone Films on the Success of “Good Luck to You, Leo Grande” and Knowing Nothing About Mike Leigh’s Next Movie (Which the Company Is Selling) Berlin: Crazy Hair, “Goopy” Blood, and Alicia Silverstone in the Kitsch Horror “Perpetrator” “Diabolik is one of the most beloved characters in Italian pop culture, a sharp and stylish master thief who has entertained audiences since his comic book capers were first introduced in the 1960s,” stated Kino Lorber president and CEO Richard Lorber. “Independents Plan a New Future for Iranian Cinema.” We are thrilled to introduce Diabolik’s fantastic adventures to American viewers.

Berlin: Kino Lorber Bringing Italian To Crime Trilogy ‘Diabolik’ to U.S.

The first film in the Diabolik series was previously sold to multiple territories by Beta Cinema, who are in charge of worldwide sales. These territories included Metropolitain in France, Mongrel Media in Canada, and Contents Gate in South Korea. Ginko Attacks! by Diabolik, premiered at the EFM in Berlin, where it was released theatrically in November in Italy.

The Manetti brothers’ Carlo Macchitella produces all three films. and Mompracem by Pier Giorgio Bellocchio, produced by Rai Cinema in collaboration with Astorina and distributed by 01 Distribution in Italy.

Berlin: Kino Lorber Bringing Italian To Crime Trilogy ‘Diabolik’ to U.S.

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