Charlotte Dawson pregnant with ‘rainbow baby’ after previously suffering devastating miscarriage

Matt Sarsfield, Charlotte Dawson’s rugby player fiancé, has confirmed that the couple is expecting their second child together.

Ten months after having a miscarriage in April, the 30-year-old daughter of the late comedian Les Dawson revealed that she is expecting a “rainbow baby.”

Noah, who is two years old, is the first child of 31-year-old Dawson and Sarsfield.

revealing the news that she is pregnant in a new interview with OK! magazine, the unscripted television star – who is right now 17 weeks pregnant – said: ” It really has happened again, and Noah is going to be a big brother. I can’t believe it.

This one is clearly a rainbow baby. I’m extremely thankful and blessed that I was able to conceive again. We were totally devastated about the unnatural birth cycle a year ago.”

She went on to say that Sarsfield was “really happy” and “shocked” about the news of the baby, even though Noah was kissing her growing bump.

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When Dawson posted about having a miscarriage on social media last year, she said that she was “heartbroken beyond words.”

She wrote in an Instagram post: Hello, my beloveds! I finally feel ready to post this, though I am unsure when it will be appropriate to do so. It has clearly been a physically and mentally exhausting week.

“I know I’m never quiet on here, and I’m always so open and honest with you guys, so it’s been a shock to you all. I am heartbroken beyond words. I keep getting a lot of messages from people who are concerned about us all and want to know why I’m quiet and if Noah is okay. Noah is amazing, and he is perfectly healthy.

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