Feel-Good Friday: February 24 – Bare it All

Are you ready to plunge headfirst into the glorious abyss that is the weekend and forget about the stress of the week? If you’re looking for some fun, you’ve come to the right place. We have searched every corner of the internet to bring you the best news, which is sure to excite your wild side and satisfy your need to help others. This year’s Feel-Good Friday has everything you need to cheer up the world, from charity events to fashion shows for sports teams. Welcome, and have a wonderful weekend, friends.

The Sydney Skinny, the largest annual nude swimming competition in the world, will return on Sunday, March 12, 2023, after a three-year hiatus caused by Covid-19. The event is expected to be even bigger and better than it has been in the past. It may even set a new world record for the largest skinny dip ever, with 2,505 people participating in Ireland in 2018. The race, which is held every year at Cobblers, Sydney Harbour’s legal naked beach, will benefit the charity Skin Check Champions in its fight against skin cancer.

For a mass nude art installation, Skin Check Champions recently brought New York-based photographer Spencer Tunick to Bondi Beach. More than 2,500 people stripped for the sake of art at the event. The event’s organizers are thrilled to support Skin Check Champions in their effort to raise awareness of skin cancer and are excited about the new charity affiliation.

Scott Maggs, the founder of Skin Check Champions, emphasized once more the significance of raising awareness to reduce the number of unnecessary deaths. One Australian dies from skin cancer every five hours, and skin cancer affects two out of every three Australians each year. In addition to bringing in much-needed funds, this event will serve as a reminder to get your skin checked to lower these numbers. In addition, we will even conduct skin tests on the day of the event for participants.”

Feel-Good Friday: February 24 – Bare it All

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