Jackie Earle Haley, star of “Bad News Bears,” recalls delivering pizza after her fame.

Jackie Earle Haley had starred in two of the biggest films of the 1970s, “The Bad News Bears” and “Breaking Away,” by the time he was 19, but just a few years later, he was working as a pizza delivery man to make a living.

In an exclusive new interview, the actor, now 61, tells nahep-ig-cofsc , “It wasn’t easy.” You just have to accept life. Life confronts you.

Haley recalls a particularly humiliating delivery trip.

“As soon as I walked up, he opened the door and asked, ‘Jackie?’ He exclaims, What’s going on?’ He shared that he was the editor of one of my films. That was therefore somewhat embarrassing, but life continued.

Haley, who began acting as a child, landed the role of tough kid Kelly Leak in the 1976 film “The Bad News Bears” at the age of 14 alongside Tatum O’Neal and Walter Matthau. He appeared in “Breaking Away” as Moocher, a high school graduate, three years later.

The Los Angeles native acknowledges that the achievement was “pretty cool,” but he also acknowledges that “there is something to be said for when you’re that young and you have that kind of success.” He adds, “Your identity kind of gets attached to it a bit.”

According to Haley, “it kind of reached this point where I realized, ‘Man, I really need to do something else,'” movie offers eventually ceased.

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He says that this included a lot of odd jobs, like “driving a limousine and delivering pizza, just a few things,” as well as time in front of the camera, such as working on the sound for a reality show about the California Highway Patrol and corporate videos.

Jackie Earle

All of that changed in 2006 when former child star Haley was recommended to director Steven Zaillian for the film “All the King’s Men” by Sean Penn. After that, he got the part of a registered sex offender opposite Kate Winslet in Todd Fields’ “Little Children,” which earned him an Oscar nomination for Best Supporting Actor.

Haley went on to play Freddy Krueger in the 2010 remake of “A Nightmare on Elm Street” and the villain Rorschach in the 2009 film “Watchmen.”

His most recent film, a drama called “Devil’s Peak,” stars Billy Bob Thorton and Penn’s son Hopper Penn in a touching, full-circle scene.

He describes his work to us as “a wild ride.” Additionally, I believe it is extremely uncommon to have two acting opportunities.

Jackie Earle Haley, star of “Bad News Bears,” recalls delivering pizza after her fame.

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