Melissa slams Teresa in explosive fight: ‘I’m sick of you putting s–t on me’

During a heated argument on the episode of “The Real Housewives of New Jersey” that aired on Tuesday, Melissa Gorga yelled at Teresa Giudice for “putting s–t” on her.

Gorga reacted angrily when the original Jersey blamed her 43-year-old sister-in-law for encouraging Margaret Josephs to spread Luis Ruelas rumors last season.

Stop putting it on me! she yelled. Put it away from me! It wasn’t me at all. I’m tired of you beating me up!

Giudice, 50, emphasized that “family is everything” to her before insisting that Gorga had “started” the screaming match.

Following the drama surrounding the wedding the previous year, Gorga told Giudice that she was “so sick” of hearing her preach about “family, family, family.” She then said in a confessional, “Somehow, some way, all roads lead to Melissa.” [Giudice] will never hold herself accountable.

The Giudice’s deliberate decision to exclude the Gorgas from her engagement party in December 2021 sparked a heated argument between the sisters-in-law.

Giudice told the ladies, “She was sitting at my table because she asked to move to the other table.”

Giudice responded, “swear[ing]” that she was telling the truth, to which Gorga immediately looked stunned and inquired if she was kidding.

“Teresa!” With her mouth ajar, Gorga said, ” Hold on, hold on—I thought right now that you wouldn’t lie to me if you looked me in the eye, but you’re going to say you sat me at [your table]?”

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Giudice maintained that she was “not lying,” but Gorga reaffirmed that she sat them at a table with Jennifer Aydin “and some hairdressers” while Giudice sat with Ruelas’ sisters. Giudice said that she was “not lying.”

“You even came to me and apologized for not being at your table,” Gorga added. “I’m sorry guys, don’t make a big deal about this,” you said.

Why would I tell a lie? In a confessional, Giudice inquired. “You were supposed to be sitting at our table,” Luis and I even told Melissa and my brother.

When Giudice questioned Gorga’s motives for bringing up the seating arrangements at the Season 12 reunion, their argument only got worse.

“There was fighting! What do you mean, you were yelling at Joe Gorga, your brother, and basically calling him a piece of s–t? Giudice denied that Melissa yelled.

Melissa slams Teresa

“You treated us awfully in New York! If you don’t want to own the wedding, the engagement, or both, that’s fine.
After months of conflict between the two families, the Gorgas decided not to attend Giudice and Ruelas’ August wedding, Page Six reported.

Dolores Catania, a co-star in the show, has stated that the two families need to “part ways” after years of heated arguments.

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