Arnold Schwarzenegger proud of amicable divorce from Maria Shriver

Arnold Schwarzenegger thinks he and Maria Shriver deserve an award for their amicable divorce.

The 'Terminator' actor was married to the 67-year-old broadcaster for 25 years until the revelation he had fathered a child,

son Joseph, now 25, with housekeeper Mildred Patricia Baena, sparked their separation in 2011, but the former couple - who have Katherine, 33, Christina, 31, Patrick, 29, and Christopher, 25, together - have remained on amicable terms and the former Governor of California still "loves" Maria.

He told The Hollywood Reporter: "I love my wife.

She and I are really good friends and very close, and we are very proud of the way we raised our kids.

Even though we had this drama, we did Easter together, Mother's Day together, the Christmases together, all birthdays — everything together.

If there's Oscars for how to handle divorce, Maria and I should get it for having the least amount of impact on the kids.