‘Lobo Feroz’ Sells Widely for FilmSharks

“Lobo Feroz,” the latest film from “La Casa Muda” director Gustavo Hernández

has sold to getting on half the world, underscoring the market punch of high-profile genre movies from name directors.

Sold by FilmSharks International, “Lobo Feroz” has closed Australia and New Zealand (Palace Film),

the U.S. and Spanish-speaking Latin America (ViX) and Russia/CIS (Nashe Kino).

A Spanish-language remake of Israel’s “Big Bad Wolves,” “Lobo Feroz” has also a licensed Taiwan (AV-Jet Intl. Media),

Eastern Europe (AMC for TV/SVOD) and Uruguay (Alvaro Caso-ENEC Cine).

The Palace, Nashe Kino, AV-Jet and ENEC deals all have a theatrical component, said FilmSharks’ Guido Rud.