'Wheel of Fortune' fans rip game show puzzle after another contestant 'robbed' of big prize

"Wheel of Fortune" fans slammed the game show after an unlucky contestant didn’t solve a bonus puzzle correctly. 

During a bonus round this week, "Wheel of Fortune" player Cesar took a stab at the challenging puzzle.

For the category, "Phrase," Cesar chose four additional letters "HGMA" and was left with the puzzle.

"That was a…uhh capital," Cesar guessed while struggling to solve the puzzle.

the timer buzzed and longtime game show host Pat Sajak replied, "Well you needed one more letter, either the ‘P’ or the ‘F,’" he suggested.

The audience was heard saying "aww" in the background.

Sajak then opened the envelope to the grand bonus prize of a hefty $100,000 that Cesar could’ve walked away with.

Instead, the "Wheel of Fortune" player still managed to leave with $26,398 from his game show winnings.

Sajak, who has hosted since 1981, occasionally gets flak from fans on social media over his rulings.