'Yellowstone' Star Lainey Wilson Shuts Down The Stage In Crop Top And Paisley Bell Bottoms

Lainey Wilson has once again succeeded! The "Heart Like a Truck" singer took the stage in yet another winning outfit after her recent concert attire went viral.

Lainey performed at the Coors Light Birds Nest in Arizona prior to Super Bowl LVII, interrupting her sold-out "Country With a Flair" tour.

She wore a crop top with an embroidered white over it that was tied at the waist for the performance.

She also wore a gray cowboy hat, turquoise jewelry, high-waisted paisley bell bottoms, and turquoise jewelry.

Three years to the day after making her Nashville stage debut, the singer made another appearance at The Grand Ole Opry.

Lainey paired her song "Dirty Looks" with a nostalgic video from the night.

Three years ago, the singer wore a vibrant floral top and red studded bell bottoms in her signature style.